All About Menstrual Disorders, Online Webinar. Dr. Yassin Bintang

Discussing online webinar events on the topic of menstrual disorders, hosted by Dr. Yassin Yanuar M, SpOG (K), M.Sc

The second online webinar hosted by Dr. Yassin Yanuar M, SpOG (K), M.Sc, went smoothly on March 27, 2022. Following the success of the first webinar on ZMFY, this event successfully provides all there is to know about menstrual disorders. The total number of participants for this webinar is 200 people.

The webinar started with a brief introduction by the MC and Dr. Yassin himself. Without wasting much time, the Host immediately jumped in to bring the material. From the start, the Host has emphasized that women’s reproductive health should be considered by the wife and husband, it’s not only the duty of a wife (for those who are married). Reproductive health is very important to be maintained, therefore the Host informs the meaning of Menstruation itself in the form of illustrations and videos. What is the actual process of Menstruation itself and what is its real function? Every woman must understand the process they go through every month.

The health of the reproductive system is not always based on whether there is a disease or not. There are various menstrual disorders that most people are not aware of. If the menstrual process gives physical discomfort to a person’s mental and social condition, it can be classified as a menstrual disorder. Although the Menstruation process itself is a complex process, it is explained in detail by the Host. Complete from the hormones that affect the ovulation process, the distance between the ovulation processes and what women will normally experience when the menstrual process occurs. Before discussing menstrual disorders, Host also explained the process of menstruation in terms of cycles, duration, amount of blood, and the normal level of pain experienced.

It turns out that a person’s cycle can be different, influenced by stress, too much exercise or even drastic weight loss! However, it must be remembered that there is a limit to its reasonableness. The Host provides a complete table of the frequency, duration, volume of flow and regularity of Menstruation. The aim is for the participants to be able to monitor their Menstruation process. More or less than the limit should be checked by a professional doctor.

Menstrual disorder has always been associated with PCOS. Whereas 40% of the causes of fertility disorders are not only PCOS. The Host conveys a series of causes of menstrual disorders. There are a total of 4 types that can cause irregular periods, including: PCOS, vigorous exercise, premature ovarian failure, hyperprolactinemia and other syndromes.

Due to the many possible causes, the Host always advises participants to consult a professional doctor, if possible via offline or video consultation. This is to prevent the risk that can be caused by incorrect diagnosis. To start the analysis of menstrual disorders, participants are advised to immediately consult their history and symptoms to a doctor. After the diagnosis, ultrasound or other examinations will usually be carried out depending on the initial diagnosis. In the end the results can determine the solution that can be used. Keep in mind, if the main goal is to get pregnant the medicine will be different from those who are not planning to become pregnant. Therefore, make sure to communicate clearly with the doctor of your choice!

The webinar session ended with a question and answer session by the host and participants. The questions asked kept coming even at the end of the event. Of course the Host answered it in detail, even the Q&A session was extended so that the participants had the opportunity to ask more questions.

For those who are still curious about the topic of pregnancy and pregnancy programs, keep an eye on the ZMFY website! There are several webinars that will be held by Dr. Yassin, especially for PCOS and the pregnancy program in the near future. Slots are limited, so don’t miss it!