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Did you know that handicrafts can hone the level of creativity? Yes, therefore many of the children have been taught skills from an early age. From kindergarten education level, the school teaches students through handicrafts. Because it is true that the earlier and often we train our brains to do crafts, the more positive impacts we will have on us. Not only at an early age, but the creativity that is honed will carry over as we grow up.

Maybe for some people, crafts look trivial and useless. Many think that it is more important to teach children basic education such as mathematics or languages. Crafts are considered a waste of time. Though that thought was not wrong! It is undeniable that standard knowledge is also important for children’s brain development. That does not mean we ignore the opportunity for children to grow creatively.

Who remembers when we were kids we used to have art lessons? Although this does not apply to all educational institutions, most schools have arts classes. In this class we are trained to do various handicrafts. What is the real purpose? As has been said, these activities can hone our creativity. In addition, through handicraft activities, we can while expressing our soul’s expression and emotions.

One of the crafts that is quite easy and fun is making paper dolls. The materials needed are also not difficult to find. You only need a bit of hard paper like bufalo paper, pencil/pen, decorations you want to paste, double-sided tape and scissors. How to make it is very simple. Starting from making a sketch of the doll’s body as desired using a pen or pencil. Don’t forget to draw the face on the doll, to make it look cuter! After that it can be cut immediately for the next process. Now the most exciting part is making a paper doll costume! For this, the paper used can be colored paper or patterned origami. But you can also use plain paper to color it yourself using crayons or markers for example. The method for making costumes is similar to making a doll body, you only need to trace or draw on selected paper. Once done and neatly cut out, the final step is to attach the costume to the paper doll with double-sided tape. Paper doll done! This step is not mandatory, but you can also paste selected accessories to beautify the doll.

So those are the basic steps for making paper dolls! Are you interested in trying? If you want to try to make paper dolls that are more interesting and unique, for example paper dolls with Japanese or Indonesian themes, you can join an online session at ZMFY. This session can also be an activity with your favorite child. Prices are definitely affordable too. What are you waiting for? Let’s check the session here