First Major Event at ZMFY, Online Pregnancy Program Webinar Attended by 800 Participants

Discussing about the first major event at ZMFY hosted by Dr. Yassin Yanuar M, SpOG (K), M.Sc

ZMFY is a platform that can provide facilities for teaching, consulting and even online webinars. On March 18, 2022, at exactly 20.00 – 21.00, ZMFY launched the premiere of the largest online webinar to date in ZMFY, hosted by one of the ZMFY Online Hosts, Dr. Yassin Yanuar M, SpOG (K), M.Sc (@YassinBintang). He himself is one of the leading OBGYN doctors in Indonesia who actively serves patients, provides consultations and also holds seminar events with topics related to pregnancy and fertility disorders. The online webinar with the theme “Pregnancy Program Tips and Treatment of Fertility Disorders” was attended by around 800 participants. Due to capacity limitations, this webinar will also be opened for the 2nd batch according to the specified date for those who haven’t had the opportunity to join.

With a duration of around 60 minutes, participants get a variety of useful information, especially those who are interested in starting a pregnancy program. The event started with a little introduction and a warm welcome by the MC. Using time as efficiently as possible, the Host immediately started the event by distributing information about the pregnant program. The material presented is complete, starting from the basic understanding of the pregnancy program to infertility from both the female and male sides. The causes of infertility are also described in detail, from the biological side, such as abnormalities in the egg or sperm cells and other factors that can influence such as lifestyle, posture and environment.

Host continued to discuss the treatments that can be done for couples experiencing infertility. The host describes in detail the steps that can be taken. First, of course, couples are recommended to seek professional counseling, followed by an examination of the problem. After the diagnosis is found, then various appropriate solutions appear. Each solution will be different. In some cases a non-surgical solution is required and in some cases a surgical solution is required. In addition, the Host also explained about each solution, for example insemination and IVF. The description includes anyone who may have a condition that requires the solution.

The webinar session ended with a question and answer session from the participants and the Host, assisted by the MC. Participants’ interest proved to be very high, as can be seen by the large flow of questions that entered the chat room. The existence of a time limit does not stop the Host from answering as much as possible and providing tips for the participants. At the end of the event, the Host gave his advice for couples who are trying to get pregnant not to try or listen to other people’s words. He emphasized that everyone has their own way of doing things and each individual has a different solution. To avoid unwanted risks, it’s best if your partner immediately consults a professional for the best results.

Thus, the first online webinar event at ZMFY went smoothly without a hitch. For those of you who are participants or maybe those who haven’t had the opportunity to attend an event at ZMFY, keep an eye on the ZMFY website. Dr. Yassin also opens webinars and other consultations in the future, don’t miss it!