Kpop Dance; Worldwide Known Dance Cover?

Kpop dance and its global influence

It is undeniable that Korean Wave entertainment originating from South Korea has reached global attention. Yes, from drama, fashion style to music, it has become a global trending topic. One of the popular Korean Wave segments is K-pop or Korean Pop. In short, K-pop is a pop genre music from South Korea which is usually groups containing 2 to a dozen members. There are even certain idol groups that contain around 20 members! What stands out the most in the K-pop world is its synchronized fashion and choreography. The K-pop industry is moving at a rapid pace as well as producing dance practice videos that are widely imitated and followed by fans.

Dance covers or videos remade by K-pop fans are spread across almost all social media platforms such as Youtube, Tik-tok, Instagram and others. Often when there is a new song or debut from an idol group, the music and dance will go viral on social media. Not only that, sometimes there are some people who jump into the world of dance because of K-pop choreography practice videos. There are also several communities or courses that specifically teach the K-pop cover dance genre. This high demand of K-pop dance resulted in a dance cover competition which was participated by communities from all over the region. It’s proven that K-pop has an enormous influence right?

This is actually a very good thing because it can influence many people, especially young people to move and dance together. It is well known that dancing has many benefits, especially for keeping the body healthy. Doing something you enjoy with other people with similar interests can also increase serotonin levels in the body, which makes us feel happy. It’s very important to maintain physical and mental health, it’s even more exciting if you can do it with a happy feeling right?

Besides having certain benefits for health, doing dance cover can increase one’s creativity. Dance cover doesn’t mean you’re just imitating the choreography of a certain idol group. Plenty of people bring new elements into it such as cooperating with original choreography and costume making. Not infrequently they made costumes from scratch and are similar to what was originally worn by the coveted idol group.

Now for those who are interested in starting a dance cover, you can try doing the following activities:

  • Try looking at various kinds of videos on the internet for inspiration.
  • Practice together in a community or dance class.
  • Practice with a professional trainer.

You can also take online K-pop dance classes. By taking online classes you can study with professional teachers wherever you want. Practical, save cost and time! One of the classes you can take is from ZMFY website, the price is definitely friendly and the trainer is also professional.

For you K-pop fans, what are you waiting for? Let’s start pursuing your hobby, don’t forget, the essence of this dance cover is self-confidence. So don’t hesitate to get started, happy dancing!