Not Just A Painting; The Genius Figure Behind the Abstract Painting, Joko Kisworo

Get to know one of the Ancol Art Market artist, Joko Kisworo

Get To Know Joko Kisworo

The soul and blood of an artist has indeed flowed in Joko Kisworo or often called Joko (@joko_kiss) since his childhood. Even when he was not in school yet, he was diligent in expressing all his emotions, feelings and expressions through Conte’s pencil strokes. Not only in terms of drawing or painting, Joko is no stranger to other activities under the art umbrella. As he grew up, he tried various things, from the melodious strum of the classical guitar to the world of theater. In addition, the narrative of his life and the various stories that he goes through are neatly arranged in a work of his novel art entitled Lukisan Cinta (2009). As a multitalented and highly intellectual artist, he has studied the world of business and digital marketing. Even though he has gone through so many processes of searching for the real mission of life, fate has led him to the path of his life, which is Fine Arts. His achievements in the field of art are countless. Since he was still an amateur until he became a real artist, he won various awards and prestigious exhibitions. As one of the mental health activists, his expertise in expressing the soul in the form of paintings has succeeded in helping people in need, especially people with mental disorders.

Joko Kisworo’s Soul Expression in His Artwork

Joko’s initial journey to becoming an artist was certainly not easy. As previously described, he even goes here and there in search of his true calling in life. From his journey, he can then see the model of the artwork that is embedded in his soul.

Art itself consists of various types. Each artist certainly has a different concept, medium and transformation. Likewise with the works of art that are produced, there are artists who work by sticking to 1 or 2 concepts, there are also those that flow like water, only tied to the ecosystem in the present time. Joko’s works of art are not tied to anything but what is in his soul at that time. Abstract, maybe that’s the right word to describe his work for other people. Is the abstract painting model his choice? The answer is of course no, but abstract model paintings can depict the world in the mind or Mindscape of the artist at that time.

The media he uses vary, but the most common are acrylic paint and canvas or paper media. Not infrequently he also incorporates other objects into his works of art.


Relationship with Ancol Seni Art Market

Joko has been a resident of the Ancol Art Market community since 2007 until now, for about 15 years. Since he had not yet entered school he was acquainted with the Art Market. Even though he is self-taught in art, his childhood experience in the Ancol community has left a lasting impression on him to this day. He saw artists transform their expressions and produce colorful works of art.

Even though he didn’t join immediately, in the end his lifeline directed him to join the Ancol Art Market. He felt a calling to provide assistance and contribution to the community that had colored his childhood.

As an Art Activist and Therapist

Maybe not all people know or even don’t recognize that art can be therapy, especially for people with mental disorders such as Bipolar, Autism and Schizophrenia. Indeed, art therapy cannot cure mental disorders. But keep in mind that the purpose of this therapy is not to cure but to stabilize the condition of the sufferer. By directing sufferers to express their soul’s expression using art, that’s the key to mental stability.

Joko himself has a lot of experience in the field of art therapy, he has become a companion, speaker, and even curator for special communities such as Bipolar Care Indonesia. Kedai Art Brut Indonesia was founded by him to accommodate the work of people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in 2013. Providing direct therapy to sufferers is no stranger to him seeing his history in contributing to mental health.

Joko Kisworo’s Hope for ZMFY

According to him, art education in Indonesia is still very lacking compared to education abroad. Many people actually need a high awareness of the arts, considering that art is the soul of the nation itself.

Therefore, with the opportunity given by ZMFY to expand knowledge via digital platforms, Joko hopes that the world of art will be more appreciated by the surrounding community. He hopes that ZMFY will consistently contribute to the world of art, either by giving lectures or other virtual events. Let’s hope all the planning goes smoothly as soon as possible!

For those of you who are still curious about Joko Kisworo’s works, exhibitions and social contributions, you can directly visit his social media @joko_kiss or visit

Let’s always respect and support local artists and their art together!