The Figure Behind Cat and Stone Art; Ancol Art Market Artist, ArtRockman (M. Rochman)

Get to know the Ancol Art Market artist, M.Rochman

Get to Know M. Rochman

Muhammad Rochman or often called Rochman (@art.rockman) is an artist who is currently active in the Art Market community, Ancol. Starting from his hobby of drawing from an early age, he decided to make painting his profession. Of course all artists have hard times at the beginning of the journey. But that didn’t let Rochman stay silent and give up. Even when he was just an amateur painter, he managed to hold his first solo exhibition at the village hall. This further motivated him to pursue a career as an artist. After completing his education at the Higher Economics School (SMEA), his mission is clear, which is to pursue a career as a real artist. In 1993, with determination and desire, he moved to Bali and developed his career for 4 years. In the end, destiny led him to join the Art Market community in Ancol in 2003, where he continued to work and develop in his favorite field of painting.

Rochman’s Artwork

Every artist has something unique in their painting. It could be different media and techniques. From Rochman’s side, like flowing water, his trademark evolved over time. At first, he was inspired by the painting on the cassette cover by Roger Dean. From there, indirectly and self-taught he trained many painting techniques. From stick figures, sketches, traditional paintings to realist and surreal style, everything has been done.

What makes Rochman different from the others? There was an incident that happened to him where this incident gave rise to the characteristics of his artwork. The incident involved a cat that he used to keep. Apparently, the wound on his face left a deep impression. To this day, cats are the inspiration for his artwork. Anatomy, illustrations, almost everything filled with the true model, the cat. The cat-themed artwork paved its way to join the Art Market until now. His interest in cats does not stop at the subject of cats but extends to their food, namely fish. Like the humorous and up-to-date nature of the cat-loving artist, he is not afraid of changing the style of his artwork. The media used for painting usually consist of canvas, paper and acrylic paint, but recently, the painting media has grown uniquely. Stone became one of the media he used to paint. Slabs, cobblestones, all stones can be used as canvases to express Rochman’s favorite things and expressions.

The Ups and Downs of Being an Artist 

Even though he had a difficult beginning in his career, Rochman really likes his work as an artist. Stereotypically, an artist is not a stable and guaranteed job. Despite his difficulties, a smile remains on his lips and his work is done with a happy heart. He said, indeed, an average artist does not have much wealth, but one’s inner happiness is very fulfilled when one can do what he likes.

Expectation for ZMFY Platform 

ZMFY platform is willing to provide digital assistance for artists at the Ancol Art Market, including Rochman. With this digital assistance, he hopes that the artists in this community can further develop their careers and provide education for those in need, especially because of the lack of art education in Indonesia. Let us hope this plan goes smoothly in the future!

For those of you who are interested in Rochman’s artwork, you can just visit @art.rockman or directly visit his studio at Ancol Art Market! His artwork is very diverse and unique. Together we can support local Indonesian artists and their works.