The Importance of Sharing Knowledge with Others

Often we forget that we learn not only for ourselves, but to share and improve the quality of life of others

Of course, everyone in this world has their own uniqueness and expertise. There is always something special in each individual. You may not be an expert in cooking, but you are actually good at playing the piano! Likewise with other people, they have something that you may not have. It would be nice if everyone shared their expertise, that way we would complement each other. Have you ever heard the term “Knowledge is power, but knowledge when shared is much more powerful”? The term is true, why is that?

By giving your expertise, you can get a lot of positive things for yourself and others. This is especially so if you are already in the workforce.

  • Improving and Retaining Your Skills
  • Collaborate and Expand Your Expertise
  • Improving the Quality of Life of Others
  • Strengthening Relationships With Others
  • Improving Job Performance
  • Increasing Your Self Worth
  • Generating New Ideas

Those are just a few of the many things that can be gained by sharing. Keep in mind that this good deed will not harm you! Instead of harming, the positive value that has the greatest meaning is that you will feel happy because you have helped yourself and others to grow together.

If you may find it difficult and confused about how you can start sharing, you can take small steps first.

  • Be a Mentor

Mentors are not limited to the professional world, anyone can be a mentor! That’s because one doesn’t need to be called a “mentor” to have that title. You can be a mentor to your friends if you have the skills and tools to teach them. In addition, you can actually learn other things from your friends, so the position can be mutually beneficial!

  • Creating Content/Writing

In this digital era, many people upload content in the form of photos, videos, and writings on the internet. The contents can be in the form of tips & tricks, as well as tutorials in the fields of Makeup, Yoga, and so on. There are a lot of people interested in this kind of content, especially because most of it is free. If you are diligent about sharing in the form of content, it is possible that you will become famous on social media!

  • Sharing Expertise on Paid Platforms

If you have the passion and love sharing your expertise, why not make it your source of finance as well? Today, there are many internet-based platforms that allow you to teach online, for example By using these platforms you can earn profits without having to leave your house! You can carry out your hobby of teaching while making it your profession easily.

After reading the importance and benefits of sharing, are you interested in getting started? Slowly start from small things. Keep in mind that all good things will not harm your life, it can even bring blessings. Come on, ZMFY believes that you also have something special to share!