Tips To Get Pregnant Fast, Is Pregnancy Program Necessary?

Discussing various tips and preparation for pregnancy program

Of course, most couples want to have children immediately after marriage. Having a baby is the dream of almost every married couple. However, having children is a big decision and responsibility. Not only physically, but mentally we must be ready to welcome the presence of the baby in life. Are you ready to become parents and care for and educate children? The mother’s body also needs to be ensured to be healthy and strong to carry the baby. With proper preparation, the health of both the mother and the baby is surely guaranteed.

It is very important for us to prepare well for pregnancy. Let’s look at some tips to speed up the process of a healthy pregnancy!

Maintain Weight

This should be done by both the man and the woman. Try to maintain an ideal body weight, each individual has a different ideal weight. If you are overweight or underweight, it will affect and even complicate the pregnancy program.

Consumption of Healthy Food and Regular Exercise

Obviously healthy eating applies to both parties, even more so for the women. Why? For a smooth pregnancy program, sufficient nutrients will be needed such as calcium, protein, and others. Even more important is folic acid. Folic acid is very useful to avoid defects in the fetus. You can consume folic acid from oranges, beans, broccoli, supplements and many more. Exercise must also be done consistently and regularly, but it’s better to do it in moderation and avoid heavy exercise.

Reduce Stress

Believe it or not, stress can hinder pregnancy progress. Ovulation can be disrupted because of too much stress. It can also cause your body to be unfit. Therefore it is advisable to stay relaxed and avoid too many negative thoughts. You can relieve stress by doing your hobby or other things that make you calmer.

Knowing When is the Fertile Period

The fertile period or ovulation of women will always be different from one another. Ovulation is the time when the ovaries release egg cells. Usually this period occurs a few days after menstruation. You can check your fertile period by using a specific calculation or fertile period calculator. Keep in mind that ovulation can be delayed or occur sooner due to many factors such as excessive stress or unhealthy body conditions.

Have Intimate Relationship Routinely

It’s a good thing to remember that when you’re doing a pregnancy program, you don’t push too hard which will eventually lead to excessive stress. You and your partner are advised to have sex regularly, especially when you are in your fertile period. Don’t forget not to use contraception to make the pregnancy process easier!

Consultation with a Doctor

Consulting a doctor is highly recommended. You can check your health before starting a pregnancy program. If it turns out that there are problems that can interfere with the pregnancy program, it should be treated early. Doctors can also provide medicine, vitamins, food, and some safe tips for a healthy pregnancy program. Each doctor also has different characteristics, make sure you do your research and choose the one that suits you!

Join Online Webinars

You can also get more information by attending online seminars or webinars! Of course, the webinar must be guided by an accredited source or obstetrician, so that it is guaranteed and safe. One of them is an online webinar organized by Dr. Yassin Yanuar M, SpOG (K), M.Sc, one of the leading obstetricians in Indonesia. The material presented will be about tips on pregnancy programs and the treatment of fertility disorders. Let’s book now and register at