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ZMFY platform testimonial by one of the Hosts, Patrixk Punk

Get to know Patrixk Punk

Patrixk Punk, that’s the alias of a tarot expert, one of the online hosts at ZMFY. Driven by a desire to help people in need, Patrixk uses her tarot reading skills to provide solutions to those in need. With her self-taught skills, she has been honing her tarot reading skills since 2019 and together with her great interest in psychology she has opened tarot consulting classes for her closest friends. Her early interest in tarot was sparked by a struggle within herself; what is her goal and what she really wants in life. After successfully finding spiritual enlightenment within herself, Patrixk did not hesitate to provide assistance to those around her. Slowly the consultations given spread through word of mouth and grew bigger. Apart from being a tarot expert, Patrixk is also a content creator who diligently writes about topics around Tarot, Mental Health and Empowerment. You can see Patrixk’s work via this link

Patrixk’s Tarot Consultation Concept

Of course, when people hear “tarot” they will have the concept that with tarot we can see the future that will happen. In contrast to that concept, the tarot consultation conducted by Patrixk does not aim to see the future. Patrixk uses tarot reading combined with Astrology along with psychology. The purpose of opening this tarot consultation is actually to help people identify problems and provide solutions that can change one’s future for the better. It can be said that the concept of Patrixk consultation is similar to “counseling”. Additional elements besides tarot can be many things like numerology and others, but here we are using Astrology. Why? Because through Astrology Patrixk can know a person’s mindset. It helps her provide solutions to clients in need.

What Patrixk Says About ZMFY

Indeed, this is not the first time Patrixk has held a consultation on an online platform like ZMFY. The ZMFY team had the opportunity to chat with her on March 23, 2022. What are the interesting things about ZMFY for Patrixk?

“ZMFY provides enough privacy for me. In addition, schedules can also be made automatically and it looks professional. The ordering process by customers can also be done easily, just by choosing a schedule, making payments, getting an automatic schedule and getting a consultation right away. It’s simple and doesn’t take much time.” – Patrix Punk

Patrixk has also done several consultations on the ZMFY website and her expertise brings a lot of very satisfying feedback from her clients!

“The sis is very good at explaining it in great detail. Want to care about our problems. Good listener and solution giver. Recommended.” – Inez Tiara

“She listened to my concerns and was insightful, always knew what I needed, lots of input to demand a better life, leading me to an extraordinary life. This is the second time I have consulted and it is always satisfying, all burdens seem to be released. She is smart and beautiful, recommended!” – Pranika Giri Hastuti

“This is my second time. My repeat order is a testimony to how good the hosts are. Through today’s session, my mind was reopened to the importance of solitude, self-examination and discovery.” – Rudiyanto Lie

So, are you curious about what Patrixk’s consultation session is like? Let’s register and follow now! Especially for those of you who are in need of a solution in life, why not talk to someone and unburden your mind? You can directly click this link to book her session If you’re still not sure, you can also visit and get an overview of Patrixk’s consultation through her articles. Make sure to always monitor the ZMFY website and don’t miss another Patrixk session!