Get to Know about Virtual Reality

Photo by ThisIsEngineering on Pexels
Without realizing it, Virtual Reality technology has now often been used in our daily activities.

Maybe most Indonesian people will be unfamiliar with the technology that will emerge in the next 5 years. Virtual Reality is a modern technology that was created with a tool to create a simulation of the environment around us. By simulating through the five senses such as eyes, ears, and even smell, computers are used by interacting with 3D technology.

Humans with various sophistications created will make things easy to access without having to spend energy or money to reach an area. In Virtual Reality, humans only use a computer device as a tool that will create an interaction that is very real and feels right in the area. For example, if you are in the development world of building a building, then with VR technology you don’t need to waste time and energy seeing how far the building has stood.

This advanced technology will help workers also in job training, and other activities. Attending a meeting that is far away doesn’t need to be done anymore because VR technology will reduce the office budget spent on transport. Each member only needs to connect this technology and will feel like they are right in a meeting room. How did you get interested in using this VR technology?

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